Mugshot I'm a forty something information technology professional and Linux enthusiast. I live in Hampshire, England, with my wife and daughter. This is my website, it is powered by the brilliant Nikola static site generator.

I'm an Arch Linux Trusted User, a member of the MATE Desktop team, GSoC 2014 mentor for openSUSE and one of the Ubuntu MATE Remix developers.

My site reflects my interest in Open Source, Linux and technology. Essentially it is a collection of posts that serve as an Aide-mémoire for my own reference. If you should find anything of use here consider it a bonus and proof that free culture works.

Open Source Contributions

Most of my Linux and Open Source contributions take place in Arch Linux, Bitbucket, GitHub or Launchpad.

Connect & Follow

I'm active on several social networks, the ones shown below are the best ways to connect with me. I'm mostly active on Google+ and tend to reserve Facebook for interaction with family and friends.

Where has the Wiki gone?

I used to host a little "wiki" to for jotting down notes. A lot of the content was out of date or inaccurate so I removed the wiki pages from the site, sorry about that. New blog posts will replace the old wiki pages.

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