Introducing Stanley, a new theme for Jaws

I’ve finished hacking together a new theme for Jaws 0.5.x, which I have named Stanley, and is now the default theme on this site. I have still got to fix a couple of bugs and make sure that it is compatible with browsers other than Firefox ;-) I wanted a theme which was crisp and clean, but also fully compatible with Jaws, so I decided to blend some of my favourite themes together. Stanley is inspired by the Kubrick theme which is popular among bloggers and although the Kubrick graphics have been borrowed the style sheet and layout are derived from the ”jaws”, ”orange-grey” and ”simple-green” themes which are bundled with Jaws. As a result Stanley is properly Jaws compatible, in that left and right layouts work, all the CSS elements are supported and CSS tweaks are used throughout to improve the visual appeal.


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