Debian 3.1 on Libretto CT100

I decided to stick with the 2.1GB hard disk in the end, but in order to complete the initial install I fitted it in an old IBM Thinkpad 600X. This allowed me to boot off the Debian 3.1 Net Install CD and get a basic system installed. Once that was done I fitted the hard disk back in the Libretto and installed the essential bits and pieces I needed. I am feeling a lot of love for ‘apt-get’ today. Then I got carried away ;-) I upgraded to the 2.6 kernel, installed X and Xfce 4.2.2. Then I migrated to the testing repositories, the upgrade for which has finished a few minutes ago. I found Quentin Stafford- Fraser’s Linux on the Libretto 100CT page very helpful in finding the right Modeline settings to get X going. I don’t really need Xfce on the Libretto but I couldn’t resist getting it running. Despite the low spec processor and just 64MB of RAM it runs very well, even Firefox is usable. I might have to bring this box along to the next HantsLUG meeting :-)


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