Handheld Linux

I have replaced the disk in my Libretto CT100 with a 20GB disk I had going spare and re-installed Debian Sarge 3.1, this time I didn’t bother with the 2.6 kernel or Xfce because I have had my fun with those now. But playing around with Linux on my Libretto has re-kindled my interested in running Linux on small portable devices.

Earlier this year I experimented with Familiar Linux 0.8.2 on my iPAQ 3970 and installed via a serial cable, which was very slow going. So I have invested in a 512MB Compact Flash card to speed up my next round of tinkering with Familiar but this time I intend to leave Familiar installed and not re-flash the 3970 with PocketPC 2002. The Familiar v0.8.2 Installation guide covers pretty much everything you need to know about the installation process.


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