Leaving Minerva

Yesterday was a sad day. I finally notified the core Minerva developers that I am leaving the project. Given that I started the project a few years back it was not a decision I made lightly.

I have a couple of reasons for leaving the project, the main one being that I just do not have the time available to effectively lead or contribute to the project. All open source projects require good leadership and I haven’t been able to provide that for most of 2005. It is with the best interests of Minerva in mind that I decided to leave.

However, Minerva is in very good hands and is under active development, with Dave and Chris leading the effort. I wish all the Minerva developers and users every success with the upcoming release of R4, it is a marvelous achievement and I am sure will prove to be very successful. I will be keeping an eye on R4 development, and if time permits, I may contribute some blocks and modules in the future. Until then, good luck and make me proud!


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