Server crash! But I have the perfect replacement.

The CPU fan on my home server stopped spinning, which has rendered the computer unusable until I find the time to replace it. I have my workstation, so I can keep working for the most part, but the services I was running on the server are critical so I need a server replacement ASAP. I have decided to setup a dedicated server for those services.

I always knew my Libretto CT100 would come in handy someday :-) With 64MB RAM and a Pentium 166mhz MMX CPU I think it will make an excellent server. Although I may upgrade the hard disk from 2.1GB to 20GB. I am undecided which distro I will install, probably Ubuntu 5.10 or Debian 3.1, but because the Libretto CT100 has weird hardware this install is not straight forward. The following web pages seem to be the most useful to me right now…

..but there are several other installs documented on the Linux on Toshiba Laptop and Notebook Computers page.


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