The honeymoon is over

Despite my glowing comments about Fedora a couple of weeks back, the honeymoon period is well and truely over. My biggest gripe with Fedora is even with numerous compatible repositories enabled there isn’t a suitable selection of packages available and dependency breakage is all too frequent.

Although I can build my own packages from source I just don’t have the time (or inclination) for that anymore. I do really like the Early Logon feature and the working NetworkManager in Fedora, but sadly these features are not enough to keep me away from Ubuntu. As a result I have just finished migrating all my computers to Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.04 - Flight 3, which is shaping up to be another excellent release. Matt Galvin has been doing a great job of tracking the new features in each of the Dapper Flight pre-releases, see the Wiki entries below…


Having spent 6 weeks using Fedora I have decided that I have learnt enough about it to conclude it just isn’t for me and I will be seeing out the rest of 2006 using Ubuntu as my desktop OS. However, I will dabble with other distros periodically.


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