NetworkManager and Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.04

A week or so ago the NetworkManager package was changed so that nm-applet (the system tray application) was seperated into it’s own package. After I updated and installed nm-applet, I noticed that it didn’t startup anymore. I didn’t have time to investigate until this morning and found the answer in the following forum posting…

Here is the pearl of wisdom, from that forum discussion, that helped me make my system to be NetworkManager compatible again.

Network Manager has been installed on your system, however it will not immediately be able to manage your network interfaces. To avoid problems with important configuration being ignored, or strange behaviours, the Ubuntu version will not manage any network interface configured in the /etc/network/interfaces file.

To allow interfaces to be managed with Network Manager either edit the /etc/network/interfaces file and remove (or comment out) the “auto” and “iface” lines for those interfaces you wish it to manage, or use the “Networking” administration tool (found under the “System” menu) to disable the interfaces.”


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