Announcing R3-born

I suppose it is a bit silly to announce this just before I go on holiday but what the heck ;-) R3-born is intended to be a simple and modular content management system for modest websites. My hope is that it will be ideal for individuals running their own sites or for small community websites. R3-born is coded in PHP (4.2.0 or better required) and requires an SQL database, currently MySQL 3.x, 4.x and 5.x, Postgres 7.x or better and MS-SQL 7.x or better are supported.

Current Status

Right now, R3-born is considered pre-alpha and not suitable for a production website but is ready for testers to start feeding back on bugs, feature requests and in the near future code changes. Development has been fairly rapid so far. I started the project in April 2006 and I hope to release a beta version of R3-born later in 2006.


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