Flexion.Org is re-activated!

I have finally got around to re-activating this website after many months of neglect. The first thing to do was move away from Jaws. Sadly, my Jaws installation is broken in a way that newer Jaws releases refuse to upgrade it.

I did some research and decided to migrate to Wordpress since it caters for all the essentials I require either in the core functionality or via plugins. Plus I can integrate with some other stuff I want to use.

My migration to Wordpress was made all the easier thanks to the excellent Jaws import plugin I found on the Wordpress trac. However, I decided not to use the Textile plugin to preserve the Jaws formatted text. Instead I chose to manually clean up some of the old entries so I could stick with the TinyMCE editor long term :-)

I am happy with Wordpress thus far and look forward to getting some plugins going and picking up a new theme over the coming days and weeks.


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