Simple iCal Server

For the longest time I have been meaning to setup a shared calendar for my wife I and to use. You see, like most men I have no idea when and where I am supposed to be. This is because my wife keeps all this information in her filofax and that lives in her handbag, somewhere I never venture ;-) So I have spent this evening setting up PHP iCalendar on Lighttpd, and I am very happy with the results.

I have opted to use the publish.php add-on provided with PHP iCalendar, rather than add the WebDAV module to Lighty. For our modest requirements it works very well. We now have full read/write access to our calendar by using the Lightning extension for Thunderbird and read only access via the PHP iCalendar web interface. Viewing the calendar via the web interface requires a login first and the calendar publishing is protected by Lighty authentication using htdigest.

Lastly, because our calendar is a nice open standard I have options as to how I might sync it with my mobile phone. More on that when I figure it out.


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