SSHMenu - SSH Connection Management

We have a reasonable number of Debian servers at work and as a result I ssh into servers about as many times as I visit Google. I have been using Profiles in gnome-terminal to manage my ssh connections, which is fine but requires I already have a terminal open to initiate a new server connection. Enter SSHMenu, a GNOME panel applet that keeps all your regular SSH connections within a single mouse click.

I couldn’t be arsed adding up a new repo for one application, so here are my quick and dirty install steps.

sudo gdebi -n sshmenu_3.15-1_all.deb
sudo gdebi -n sshmenu-gnome_3.15-1_all.deb

I have taken to using gdebi to install local deb packages as it resolves and installs dependencies. Now just add SSHMenu to a Gnome panel and configure your ssh connections. If SSHMenu isn’t listed in the Gnome panel applets yet, then you can force a refresh with the rather heavy handed…

killall gnome-panel


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