MKV to MPEG-4 conversion script

The PlayStation 3 can’t play MKV files. Therefore I’ve written a script that creates a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 compatible MPEG-4 from Matroska providing the video is H.264 and audio is AC3 or DTS.

Xbox 360 compatibility requires that audio is forcibly downmixed to stereo with --stereo. AAC 5.1 audio will have the correct channel assignments when transcoding from AC3 5.1 and DTS 5.1. If neroAacEnc is installed then it in preference to faac for encoding the AAC audio as it produces better quality output. neroAacEnc is optional.

The script does as little re-encoding as possible, only the audio and subtitles are re-encoded or converted. The script can detect profile 5.1 H.264 and patch it to 4.1 in under a second. Any subtitles in the Matroska are preserved. If mp4creator is used the subtitles are extracted stored in a seperate file. If MP4Box is used (default) the subtitles are converted to GPAC Timed Text and muxed into the resulting MPEG-4. The PS3 can’t display these subtitles but some software players can.

The script can optionally split the Matroska if it is greater than 4GB to ensure PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and FAT32 compatibility. This script works on Ubuntu Linux and should work on any other Linux/Unix flavour and possibly Mac OS X providing you have the required tools installed.


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