Quality Android tablet on a budget - Ployer Momo8 IPS

I’ve recently taken delivery of my first Android tablet, the Ployer Momo8 IPS.

I purchased mine from GTR Electronics as they have a track record for excellent customer service, provide 12 month warranty and their devices are free from Chinese apps and bloatware. I wrote up a review on Amazon.co.uk, see below.

As I mention in the review above, I’ve rooted the Momo8 IPS. The following were useful references for the rooting.

Update Since writing this blog post I’ve made a pre-rooted custom firmware for the Ployer Momo 8 IPS. Installing it may be easier than following the instructions below.

Here are the basic steps to getting root on the Momo8 IPS.

  • Enable USB Debugging on the Momo8 IPS - Settings –> Developer Options
  • Find a Windows computer.
  • Download and install Momorobo
  • Start Moborobo and connect the Momo8 IPS to the Windows computer. Wait for Moborobo to establish a connection to the tablet.
  • Download and install ZhuoDaShi 2.2.9.
  • Start ZhuoDaShi. It is a Chinese language application only, so this is somewhat tricky.
    • Wait for ZhuoDaShi connect to your Momo8 IPS.
    • Click the highlighted text that includes the word ROOT among some Chinese text then click on the big ROOT button.
    • After a short while you should see some Chinese text in green. Click the large button.
  • You should now have root and the SuperSU app will be listed in your apps.
  • Install Root Checker on the Momo8 IPS to ensure you have root.
  • Once satisfied you have root (I ran Titanium Backup to be absolutely sure) you can uninstall the Momorobo daemon and ZhuoDaShi app the from your Momo8 IPS.
  • The version of SuperSU installed by ZhuoDaShi is quite old and can’t be updated via the Google Play Store. To remedy this do the following.
    • Under SuperSU -> Settings select Switch superuser app
    • Now open Google Play Store and install SuperSU.

Hope this is helpful to someone else, but proceed with caution.


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